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About Bikes Direct

Bikes Direct sells a wide selection of mountain bikes that utilize a variety of suspensions, such as Titanium XC Racing Hardtail suspension for competition, Shimano Deore, and LX. Bikes Direct also sells mountain bikes utilizing a variety of drivetrains designed for rough terrain, including the Shimano Dyna-Sys series and the SRAM X series. Other bicycles that Bikes Direct sells include road bicycles, hybrid road/mountain bikes, women’s bicycles, and comfort bicycles. 

For whichever bicycle a customer chooses to buy, Bikes Direct assists customers throughout the buying process. Whether a customer buys directly from their website or through their eBay stores, Bikes Direct can answer any important questions about their bicycles, from drivetrains to size requirements. Customers in the contiguous United States receive the added bonus of free freight shipping when purchasing through Bikes Direct, and the mostly-assembled bikes themselves are easy to complete with the basic understanding of bicycle construction.

Online bicycle dealership Bikes Direct offers a wide selection of bicycles for exceptionally low prices to biking enthusiasts throughout North America. Based in a distribution center in Dallas, Texas, Bikes Direct passes its savings to its customers by bypassing the maintenance costs and overhead of maintaining a brick and mortar shop and by buying bicycles directly from the manufacturers directly. 

As an authorized dealer of all the bicycle brands they sell, Bikes Direct buys theirs products in volume, ensuring that they sell their bicycles at as close to wholesale price as possible. Consequently, customers who buy from Bikes Direct receive bikes at up to 60 percent less than retail list price. Among the bicycles that Bikes Direct sells to cycling enthusiasts include mountain bikes of all stripes. A key aspect to mountain bikes is the use of different forms of suspension, from front-based hardtail to full suspension to fully rigid bicycles.

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